BlogWordP Features

BlogWordP was designed to help SEO bloggers manage their WordPress blogs. Our software allows easy content management and upload to all WordPress and WordPress MU blogs that follow standard WordPress formats.

Update Multiple WordPress Sites. Write content, and simply click the sites you want to publish your content to and BlogWordP will publish them. BlogWordP does not support direct image uploading. Images can be uploaded to any image sharing site and then linked using BlogWordP.

Quick Dashboard login Simply click on the account you want and login to the blog or visit the site.

RSS feed modifier. Use the BlogWordP RSS feed modifier to autogenerate content from multiple feeds. Add or remove whatever you want, then publish to as many blogs as you like.

External Content archiver. If you have links, ads, or HTML code that you constantly use, you can use BlogWordP to store them and retrieve them for your blogs. BlogWordP has built-in searching.