Kids Can Match Animal

Kids Can Match Animals helps kids develop their brain by playing matching games involving animals since most kids like animals. The game features three different levels of matching to test their abilities. Level 1 involves basic matching. Level 2 helps children develop their perception skills by matching a part of an animal to the entire animal. Level 3 divides the animal into two parts and asks them to match the two parts to the animal.

Our software includes 100 animals including sea creatures, farm animals, wild animals, and insects.

All animal names are spoken to help children learn to pronounce the animals.

Scoring can be turned on or off for parents who do not like to use a point system.

Scary looking creatures such as snakes and insects can be turned on or off.

Three different game levels are provided to develop important perception and recognition skills.

Explore mode allows children to remember animals without testing.

Kids Can Match Animals

Kids Can Match Animals

Kids Can Match Animals