WebMetrics Software

WebMetrics Software is dedicated to creating software products and tools to help users meet their needs, whether it's creating content for multiple websites or passing Algebra. We want our customers to succeed without wasting their time.

"Technology should not be used because it's new. It should be used because it's effective".

Educational and Training Software

Let our software help you prepare for the latest exams. Our software is specifically designed to meet your educational needs. Our testing software will help you keep track of your goals and improve your mental skills. See our ExamMaster series to see if they cover the materials to meet your educational needs.

Web Publishing and Content Creation Software

Internet The success of a web business depends on promotion of the business. Even a simple website can generate more revenue than a large web portal. We look at what makes a website successful and apply those principles. We strongly believe that technology should be used to enhance a web business, not slow it down or deter it. With the global adoption of Internet technology, we believe it is a great time for web entrepreneurs like you to generate revenue and we hope our tools will help you achieve that goal.


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Privacy Policy

Our apps do not collect any personal information about you or your device. Any information that can be used to identify our apps is generated by our app and not linked to any account, device, or personal information that can be used to identify any individual that is using our app.