Geometry Master

Geometry Master covers the essential concepts of geometry including 3D solids, 2D shapes, polygons, formulas, and proofs. We know that geometry is difficult for many students because of proofs, which is why our software provides several options to help you learn proofs by helping you memorize the basic postulates and theorems, asking you to prove triangular relationships, and showing you why proofs provide information the way they do to help you master proofs. Our software breaks proofs down to their parts and asks you questions to help you understand why each part of a proof is done a certain way.

Our software features:

Over 1000 problems designed to test your knowledge of geometry, especially proofs and triangular relationships.

Time trials feature lets you take exams using a timer to help you pass those quizzes and exams where time is an issue.

Practice lets you practice answering questions and seeing the results immediately.

Test lets you answer questions and see the results when the test is over.

Drill lets you memorize important topics and concepts.

The number of questions can be set from 1 to 100 and the number of minutes can be set from 1 to 200.

A calculator is provided to help you perform calculations.

A working area is provided that can be used as scratch paper.

You can set the number of words from 1 to 100 and time limit from 1 to 200 minutes.

Geometry Master

Geometry Master

Geometry Master