The 80s Crossword

The 80s Crossword lets you play 30 crosswords featuring trivia-based questions from the 80s covering television, movies, fashion, toys, people, characters, and news from the decade that gave you Boy George, the Rubik’s Cube, and Pac-Man Fever.

Our software features.

Over 800 questions from the 1980s. All questions cover people, events, or things that were popular during the 80s.

29 questions per crossword to keep the game fun and manageable.

Ability to load and save the puzzles you are playing so you can return to the game at anytime.

Different tiles and graphics to add color. You no longer need to limit yourself to just black and white crossword tiles.

Please note: The 80s Crossword is designed for people who like crossword puzzles covering the 1980s. If you do not like crossword puzzles, there are other apps that cover just 80s trivia. Also note that while most of the puzzle questions are not obscure, they cover a wide range of topics that may make them difficult.

The 80s Crossword

The 80s Crossword